One for Lough Beltra

I have been thinking about variations for the basic Green Peter for some time and finally made up this one today. It’s a mash up of a normal Peter and hair winged Doctor. This gives the pattern a bit more colour and also adds to the movement. Does it work? I have no idea yet but it will get a swim early enough on Lough Beltra and even on Carrowmore Lake.

The Green Peter variant

I started with a small tag made of glo-brite no. 4 floss, followed by a green fur body ribbed with oval gold tinsel. The body hackle is a nice stiff red game cock hackle.

Plenty of movement from the hackle and wing

I made the wing from stacked dyed bucktail hair. Red on the bottom, then yellow and finally some blue on top.

I finished the fly off with lots of turns of another red game cock hackle, this one longer in fibre than the body hackle. A neat head is formed with tying silk and the waste removed before varnishing the turns. There you have it!

The finished fly



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