Angling reports

Reports on the fresh and saltwater angling around the Mayo area.


19th September 2019

The weather has been mixed with showers but a period of warm, dry weather has settled over the country for this week. River levels are dropping fast after floods two weeks ago. That got some stale salmon moving and a few were caught throughout the length of Moy system. Not much signs of fresh fish though.

Sea trout being caught on Beltra but nothing of any great size. Brownies moving in good numbers at the North end of Lough Conn, but all seem to be small fish. The bottom part of the lough remains extremely quiet. Mask is fishing well when you get the conditions.

Shore angling has been confined to doggies, mainly in the dark. Very few Mackerel around for shore rods.


August 2019

It has been a month since I last posted and that is with good reason, the fishing in Mayo has been absolutely dire for all of that time. With the World Cup starting this week the good news is that lough Mask is probably the one fishery which is still producing some sport. Trout are being caught both in the deeps and in shallow water.

The river Moy is producing a steady trickle of fish but many of them are highly coloured by now.

I have not fished it for years but I heard through the grapevine that the Owenmore gave up a few grilse at the last spate. All were returned of course.

The charter boats in Clew Bay are picking up Pollock and Mackerel but the fish are well scattered in the deeper water. Shore angling is only producing LSD’s, mainly after dark.

30th June 2019

Local rivers have returned to normal summer levels again after a dry week here in Mayo. Grilse continue to run the river Moy and they are now scattered throughout the whole system. The beats immediately above Ballina are providing the best catches but you can encounter fresh fish just about anywhere on the main river or its tributaries.

Beltra is giving up both salmon and sea trout when conditions are favourable.

Sea fishing is picking up in Clew Bay as the water warms up. The mackerel are small and are still hugging the deeper water but they should come closer in over the next few weeks.

Sunday, 9th June 2019

The weather has remained unsettled with frequent heavy showers keeping the rivers topped up. A steady stream of fish coming off Beltra when conditions allow including the first grilse of the season. Catches on the Moy have not been spectacular considering the huge angling effort over the past two weeks. A mix of springers and grilse are being landed but you need to brave the crowds on the river banks!

lough Conn is very quiet with very few salmon around and mainly small trout coming to the fly. Lough Mask is probably the best bet right now if you are visiting the area.

rain clouds gather over Lough Conn

Saturday, 1st June 2019

Apologies, I’m not so good at writing angling reports! Here is a quick update. There was rain most days this past week so the river systems in mayo all got a good rise in water levels. this has allowed the salmon to run and the first serious numbers of grilse are now making their way up the rivers and streams. Angling pressure is huge with many rods out now there is a chance of a fish. Worming is the order of the day where it is allowed.

On the lakes the mask is fishing very well indeed and it is by far the best bet if it is the spotted lads you want to fish for. Lough Conn is producing large numbers of trout but the vast majority of them are very small. try dry fly tactics to target bigger fish. Cullin is weeded up and not worth bothering with now.

In summary, the next week should provide us with good fishing so if you can get here quickly Mayo is the place to be.

Thursday, 11th April

A trickle of salmon are entering the Moy with one or two being caught as far up as Ballylaken bridge.

Carrowmore has seen 5 boated so far after a slow start. Beltra needs better winds but there are some fish in the lake.

Trout fishing on Mask and Conn remains good

Monday, 1st April 2019

At last! The first fish was boated on Carrowmore lake by Brian Hope. Well done Brian on your 7 pounder.

Toby Gibbons had a fine basket of 18 trout from Clogher lake over the weekend.

Wednesday 27th March

Your’s truely landed a ten pound springer from just below Ballylacken bridge on the Moy today.

Tuesday, 26th March

Another salmon was boated on Beltra today but I don’t have any details. Micksie Clarke landed a sea-liced springer at Ballylacken bridge on the Moy and there seems to be a trickle of salmon nosing their way up the river.

Monday, 25th March

I heard that Rocky Moran had a nine pounder on Beltra today, the first of the season there. There was one fish caught last week on the East Mayo Anglers water on the Moy. I believe that fish weighed around 8.5 pounds.

Lough mask continues to fish well for those who are willing to give it a try.

The Burke competition fished out of Clonbur was cancelled this year due to the sad loss of Sean Moloney a few days ago. May Sean rest in peace.

With water levels dropping back nicely and a lift in air temperature we should see more action this week.

Friday, 1st March

Hurray! the trout season opens today on some of the waters i like to fish so I will try to sneak out this weekend for a few casts.

First salmon of the season was taken on the worm from the East Mayo Anglers waters on the Moy. A 10 pounder fresh fish.

Mask and Corrib are both fishing well I hear.

Thursday, 21st February

I hear the early fishing has been good on Lough Corrib with some nice trout being caught. Mask is producing a few good trout in the Ballygary area. The weather has been kind with mild temperatures (unlike this time last year).

On the salmon front there don’t seem to be many fish around yet. Delphi is seeing the odd clean fish but that is about all.

We have had a fair bit of rain lately so water levels are good. If the weather remains like this we could see a steady improvement in catches as we head into March.


Monday, 4th July

I heat some grilse have finally turned up in Lough Conn and that some trout are beginning to be caught too. Mask continues to fish the best of all the local waters. We badly need some rain here – the rest of the country has suffered flash flooding due to thunder storms but we remain unusually dry

Sunday, 27th May

Castlebar angers had a competition on Lough Conn today but they struggled in very difficult conditions. Only one trout weighed in by the 20 anglers. Lots of undersize fish caught apparently. Reasonable hatch of mayfly on the water.

A rise in water levels on the Moy last week encouraged a small run of grilse to enter the river. One or two of these seem to have sneaked up into Lough Conn.

Calm, warm weather forecast for the coming week – Carrowmore should be worth a cast (I am away on business so I will have to leave to you guys!)

4th May

OK, so it is some time since I updated this page but the fishing has been ‘patchy’ in the area. This is disappointing as we should normally see good angling around this time of the year. I have some positive news now though………….

  • River Moy – good numbers of both grilse and salmon are in the river now. Catches will rise over the next week………….
  • Lough Conn – fresh springers seen on the usual lies. Some trout being caught by visitors too
  • Lough Mask. Good trout fishing being reported from the west shoreline.
  • Beltra – I heard of three fish yesterday!
  • Lough Carra- no reports of any trout yet but this lake should start to fish this coming week

Time to get the rods out lads, there are fish around!

w/c 23rd April

  • Salmon being caught in increasing numbers along the length of the Moy system now with fish up to the mid-teens landed recently
  • Salmon also showing in lough Conn over the weekend. No reports of any caught so far though
  • Delphi fishing well
  • Carrowmore is quiet as the continuing strong winds have made the lake unfishable. It should fish well once we get a spell of settled weather
  • Beltra doing well

week commencing 16th April

The season has taken off at last with fish finally being caught across the county.

  • Springers are nosing into the My system and are being caught on most beats. Nothing too hectic for now, just the occasional fish but at least there are a few around.
  • Beltra has a small stock of fresh salmon in it after the recent rain. Pat McHale had a couple this past week.
  • Carrowmore was fishing well until strong winds churned the lake early in the week. I suspec it may have settled enough for it to fish today (Sunday) but more wind is forecast for later today.
  • I hear the Corrib is fishing well with the duckfly

Beltra: A 13lb fish today for Dave McCloon at Tommy’s Wall on a Silver Badger.

29683160_781252432046947_2585203528795021340_n (1)


A big rawner caught on the lough.


27th March

Heard a second fresh salmon was caught on Lough Beltra yesterday.

24th March

I saw a fine springer (10 – 12 pounds) running the Garavogue river in the heart of Sligo this morning, despite low water.

The Cong Canal is still fishing well with some large ferox being caught on dead baits.

The Glenisland Coop competition was held today. 19 anglers fished but the only salmon boated was a fish of 9 pounds taken by Frank Dooley. Good man Frank!

The high water at the start of the salmon season was followed by snow in February and early March. This disrupted the beginning of the season and it is only now (start of the second week in March) that the fishing is picking up.

River Moy: I have heard of 4 salmon so far, Cloongee picked up one fine fish of around 15 pounds and 3 have been landed at Ballina. I would expect East Mayo Anglers to start to fish this week.

Conn and Cullin: no reports of any salmon so far

Delphi; Picking away with a few fresh fish

Carrowmore: Seamus Henry reports that Gerry Carolan boated the first salmon of the season off the lake yesterday, a silvery fish of 8 pounds

11th June 2017

I have been working in Dublin all week so this is just the info I have gathered over the phone to my contacts in the west.

Rain at last! While it has been a period of showers and sunshine for the past couple of weeks we finally had more prolonged rain this week, bringing water levels up and encouraging migratory fish to access the rivers. The Moy is fishing well with salmon and grilse coming to all methods. Highlight must be the 6 fish that willy old fox Aidan Connelly landed on the East Mayo Anglers water during the week. Salmon have finally appeared in Lough Conn in numbers and are being caught by those who target them and concentrate on the known lies.

The local spate rivers all saw a good rise but I have no reports of any catches so far.

Beltra and the Newport river have seen fresh fish and both are very definitely worth fish this coming week.

4 salmon off the Coop side of Beltra yesterday ranging from 6 to 11 pounds.

A couple of nice springers there

Thursday, 30th March

Bangor Erris are reporting the first two fish off Carrowmore, and good sized fish they are too! The first was a 14 pounder  for Mervyn Corway. That was followed by an excellent fish of 12.5 pounds boated by Stephen Corr. With some settled weather the chances of more shining spring fish are excellent.

Saturday, 25th March 2017

I have heard of 3 salmon so far off the Glenisland side of Lough Beltra.

The first salmon off the East Mayo Anglers water on the Moy has just been landed. It was caught and released by Ian Guegan, Callow. The 8lb sea liced salmon  was landed from Ryan’s pool on a Flying C. With the high water there should be a few more lurking up there. Foxford got off the mark to with this fish –

Lots of duckfly hatching on the Corrib now and Mask is fishing very well. Water levels across the area are dropping back now.


More action on Beltra today and a fine fish for Edwin Oxlade. It took a Beltra Badger off of Clark’s point.

A beauty

20.3.2017. Beltra is off the mark with a fresh springer for Frank Dooley on opening day.

A nice fish for Frank

A nice fish for Frank

20.3.2017 Nothing to report form Carrowmore so far. The lake is badly churned after a period of strong winds.

Only heard of one fish so far from the Moy. It was taken at the back of the boxes in Ballina. Photos in the local press look like it was around 7 pounds or so. The Moy is dropping back now after a sustained period of very high water. High hopes that some early springers have run the river. East Mayo should be worth a cast next week if there is no more rain.

Reports locally of great fishing with small Rapalas and the Brikeen on the Corrib. These are the kind of lures which are working now.


A small floater (top) and an X-rap


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