Keeping it simple: a good midge pattern

Check out the excellent video from T. Flagler which I found on Chi Wulff’s blog. This style of midge works exceptionally well in Ireland when tiny black flies are on the water in May and June.

Tie One On: Matt’s Midge from Tightline

Matt’s Midge
Olive Matt’s Midge with a poly wing

He ties this fly  on a size 22 but I find it works all the way up to size 14 (we must have bigger midges here in Mayo!). The colour combination can be varied too. An olive midge has worked well for me in the past and I have a red version which has still to be tried but should do the business.

Red ‘Matt’s Midge’

i also vary the wing material and use white polypropylene sometimes. This material lies much flatter and so gives a different outline tot he fly but it seems to work equally well.


You can rattle these flys out in no time at all and in a wide range of colours to meet local conditions. I recommend you have a few in the box, they are a steady producer of browns.


2 thoughts on “Keeping it simple: a good midge pattern

  1. Don’t know how this blog landed on my phone but glad it did. Will spend a few hours tonight tying some of the patterns and we’ll see if they work on Arrow later on. Like you I don’t really need any more patterns but that never stopped me before.


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