Tactics for Lough Beltra

It is just over a month until Lough Beltra opens (20th March to be exact) so I thought I would share some thoughts about tactics and tackle for this wonderful fishery. I fish it from the Glenisland Coop side, so I will restrict my comments to fishing from that side of the lake but as […]

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Cure for a slipping drag

You know what I am like with reels. Of all my fishing gear it is the fly reels that I love the most. I own far too many and most of them see little use but I am still a sucker for a bargain reel. That’s why I bought a second hand System 2 a […]

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4 for the new season

I have been busy at the fly tying table again. With a bit of time on my hands this week I was able to spend some time immersed in fur and feather. Ever the optimist, I am hoping this year will be kinder to me and days on the water will be more frequent than […]

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End of the trail(er)

The boat came with a trailer you see. It was part of the deal when I bought it second-hand (or pre-loved or whatever they say these days) but it was far from ideal for the job. It was one of those boat trailers fashioned in someone’s shed buy an enthusiastic welder from bits of mild […]

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