Photos of the Moy

No fish the other evening but here are some photos from the Moy

under the wires, a good lie
the new disabled access stretch

the long bank



9 thoughts on “Photos of the Moy

  1. Hi Colin how are you?. Any crack at the moment with robe river?. Also if you reckon the dirks loughs mean nadirkmore and you know how the road is there drivable by car up to the lake?. Or i have to walk to get it. Might see some photos from googlemaps but this road looks risky for car with no 4wd.


  2. Which stretch of the river is more wading friendly holymount or crossboyne, also which side of river should i chose to fish from. Any flies recommendations as i will hit the robe this thursday for sure. Thinking to fish upstream with nymphs first and maybe way back with wets.


  3. Difficult to say which stretch is more wader friendly as the whole river upstream of Hollymount is a series of pools and riffles, some shallow with a gravel bottom and others deep with soft clay or sudden drop-offs. Best to try and stay out of the water if you can as the bigger fish are very easy to spook. Looks like there are access problems on the right bank at Crossboyne where the old hospital is being developed so maybe better to try Hollymount. The pools below the bridge hold some nice trout and are easy to fish with nymph or wet fly. Some nice dry fly water above the bridge as well.

    As for flies I would stick to traditional spiders such as the Partridge and Orange, Plover and Hare’s ear, March Brown Spider and Black Spider. The PTN or similar is all you need for nymphing in sizes 14 or 16 (same for the wets).


    1. Thanks, Colin. Seen some photos from googlemaps Hollymount and looks like i might park my car just beside petrol station. And which side of river bank have better acces?. Same where is petrol station?.


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