Fishing in Ireland, salmon fishing

Photos of the Moy

No fish the other evening but here are some photos from the Moy

under the wires, a good lie

the new disabled access stretch

the long bank


salmon fishing

Up and running

I took a couple of days off work, initially to fish the Burke competition down in Clonbur but when that was cancelled I switched to salmon fishing and headed for the Moy and lough Beltra.

The Moy at Ballylaghen

Despite good conditions Tuesday was fishless for me and Ben. Micksy Clarke landed a sea liced springer for the EMAA water but we saw or touched nothing on the same stretch. Beltra was similarly dour despite a nice wind and great overhead conditions.

Wednesday morning and we decided to repeat the same choices as yesterday. Off we went to the EMAA waters and commenced operations just before 10am. By noon we had seen no signs of fish but my confidence was high as the river was in excellent order for spinning (but too high for the fly) and there were one or two salmon around.

Ben was fishing opposite me while I spun through the good lies below the bridge. A fish grabbed the Flying C and the battle started! He headed off down the river and I had to apply a huge amount of pressure to turn him before walking him back up in the pool and safety. He tried one more time to exit the tail of the pool but I was able to apply side strain and put him off balance. The old ABU rod was bent over and the drag on the reel was wound down to keep in control. Ben made his way over to me and after some more short runs the fish tired and came to the net without too much fuss.

The fish was very fresh but there were no sea lice present. It tipped the scales at exactly 10 pounds. As you can see from the photo, he was a very handsome fish with broad shoulders. He took a 20 gram black flying C

Other anglers appeared and so we called it a day on the Moy and headed to Beltra where we fished hard in the afternoon but without rising any salmon. Ben rose a few small brownies and I landed a small, thin seatrout kelt before I called it a day and packed in. To be honest, my heart was not in it after landing the salmon earlier in the day. Anyway, I had a few things to do in town so I made my excuses and departed in the middle of the afternoon. At least I am up and running for the 2019 season!

Fishing in Ireland, salmon fishing

update from Mayo

Still suffering a serious lack of water here but some showers over the last few days have brought some salmon in at last.

Beltra has produced a few-

The river Moy is seeing some action too with the Ridge and Cathedral beats fishing well and beats right up as far as the East Mayo Anglers water giving both salmon and grilse.

The forecast is for more showery weather over the weekend so there are hopes more fish will run. With low water conditions the fly will do well so think small flies and careful wading. Indeed, stay out of the water completely if possible.

Fishing in Ireland, salmon fishing, trolling

A quick update

Just a few lines to update you all on the game angling in Mayo this week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Strong winds have disrupted the fishing on Carrowmore Lake once again. For those unfamiliar with the lake a big wind, which is normally so desirable for salmon fishing on other lakes, churns up the peat sediment on the bottom of Carrowmore. The water turns an opaque brown colour and catching fish is extremely difficult. We need a more settled period for Carrowmore to deliver constant results. There are certainly fish in the system with catches into double figures on days when the boats are getting out.

2013-05-26 10.24.45

Lough Beltra is a bit disappointing and I heard of some very experienced rods who fished it this week without meeting a single salmon. There are a few in there, so it is a case of putting in the hours.

heading downstream

The River Moy rose and slowly fell this week and salmon were landed the length of the river, many in the 8 -12 pound class. The level is back to normal again and we await the next flood to bring in a substantial run of grilse. One angler had 2 grilse on the fly on the East Mayo waters this week but worm and flying C accounted for most of the remainder.

Loch Conn is producing a few salmon on the troll and to the fly. The top part of the lough seems to be fishing better than the Pontoon end. Cullin is beginning to weed up pretty badly in some areas. The Ballyvary River benefited from the recent rain and a small run of salmon penetrated as far upstream as the castle where a few grilse were landed.


I will add some more information early next week once I have had a chance to get out with the rod myself.