New toy

So I bought this gadget for make neat loops in pieces of wire. The idea is that I will be able to salvage some old Flying C lures which have been lying around for years simply by replacing the wire and the latex skirts.

This lot have seen better days…………

The tool itself is easy enough to use once you have watched a Youtube video on it a few times. A little manual dexterity is necessary but nothing beyond a basic level of competence. the results are fine and certainly capable of fooling a salmon.

the wire forming tool

To repair a damaged Flying C I started by snipping the wire and sliding all the parts off. If the treble is still good I reuse it otherwise a look out a hook the right size. Form  ‘type B’ loop in one end of a new piece of wire (watch that video!). The hook is added to the wire and both ends are slid up the hole of the lead once a new skirt has been pushed on.

some pre-cut 6mm black tubing

From the other end slide on the bead(s) and the clevis which holds the blade. Now form a ‘type 1’ bend and snip off the waste end of the wire. Voila!

completed lure

The tool and all the bits and bobs you may require are readily available so even if you need blades or other parts you can lay your hands on them via online retailers.

latex skirts in different colours

I’ll put the tool away for now but come next winter I will be busy with it repairing lures for the 2020 season.


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