Mayo game angling guide

a drift on Beltra

For those of you who are considering a trip to Co. Mayo for a bit of game fishing later this year there is a handy guide published by IFI. See this link:

Some of the information regarding which rivers are open for salmon angling is out of date so check before making final plans, but in general this is a useful guide for those not familiar with the area. Living here it is easy to forget just how fortunate we are with some much game angling on our doorstep. The quality of the fishing is a shadow of what it was 20 years ago but even still there are wonderful places to cast a line for trout and salmon.

4 lb grilse

With so much different game angling available it is a shame that many visitors tend to stick to fishing the big loughs, even when they are not producing good sport. Rivers around here are under-fished and those who enjoy dry fly and nymphing for wild browns on small waters will find excellent sport in Mayo.


I hope you find the IFI guide useful.


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