An evening on Beltra

I will leave the photos to tell the tale of an evening spent on Lough Beltra in the company of Ben and Pat. The fish did not cooperate but it was great just to be afloat on a pleasant Spring evening.

2018-05-02 18.22.28
deep in concentration
2018-05-02 19.17.30
Pat helping to make some space in my fly box!
2018-05-02 18.22.23
You can just make out the marker buoy below Nephin
2018-05-02 18.22.38
I had a bag of reels with different lines on them but I stuck to my slow sinker all evening
2018-05-02 19.38.24
Drifting in towards the dock (a good lie for salmon)
2018-05-02 19.43.26
A heavy shower passed over us
2018-05-02 19.38.12
Great conditions as the sun dipped but nobody told the fish!
2018-05-02 20.09.04
End of the day and we head back to the shore

We all want to catch fish when we head out to the lough or river but blanks are a part of our sport and we need to accept them as the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings.


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