I bought a couple of these old ABU lures last year but have not had the chance to try them out yet. I came across them while looking for other lures and was intrigued by their unusual design. It was really watching out for was one or two old ‘Lucas’ and ‘Sextet’ pirks when I found these lads. Intrigued, I had to buy some to try them out.

The Perka.

All the weight is provided by that bulging eye, a very clever design. It was the odd shape that attracted me initially but when I did a bit of research it turns out these were effective sea lures. The lads in Sweden only made these things for four years (1977 – 1980) so there won’t be too many of them still around.

I have to admit that I need to think out exactly how and where these lures fit into my typical sea angling forays. Although ABU made the Perka in 3 different weights (40gm, 60gm and 100gm) I have only located a couple of 60gm examples and a rather lonely 40gm. That is on the heavy side for my spinning rod to cast and at the same time too light for my 4 ounce beachcaster. I’ll figure something out!

Here is what I was actually looking for, from the top: Sextet (40gm), Egon (28gm) and a Lukas (40gm)

While the big treble hooks look impressive I suspect they would get a very good grip of the sea bed given the chance. Replacing the trebles with a single hook on a short length of lighter line should improve their longevity.

Update: I found a 40 gram one too. I have also acquired a more powerful spinning rod which will handle up to a couple of ounces so casting these lures won’t be an issue for me. I just need to find a shoal of big fish now!


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