The Beltra Badger


Picture the scene, you are drifting on a salmon lough in the West of Ireland. It is a bright, breezy day with a little high cloud and the water levels are good after recent rain. There is a bit more sun than you would like so what fly do you reach for? It has to be a Beltra Badger! The silver body and yellow/blue hackles look great together and the fly has a well deserved reputation in these parts as a killer on a bright day. I tie it on all sizes from dirty great size 2’s right down to size 14’s. There are many other Badger patterns but the Beltra is the one I prefer. I also tie a muddler version with a head made of bleached deer belly hair dyed blue.



2 thoughts on “The Beltra Badger

  1. if you can ever find the time to take a few pictures as you make the fly, as a novice fly tier, i would be so grateful. Beautiful flies.


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