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alive and kicking

So today I finally made time to take a look at the sick Evinrude outboard which let me down so badly last weekend. When it failed to start on the lake I rowed ashore and whipped out the spark plugs, thinking the mixture may have been too rich and she had oiled the plugs. Both plugs were in perfect condition so I put them back into the head and called it day. By the time I had reached home there was a strong smell of petrol emanating from the boot meaning I had a fuel leak somewhere.

Today I wanted to be 100% sure the spark was strong so I tested both plugs again and they were sparking away good-oh. I turned my attention to the fuel system and checked the fuel line from the tank to the carburetor. Although it looks a bit dirty it was intact and the clips at both ends were tight. All linkages on the carb were in perfect working order and I was about to remove the whole unit when I noticed one of the two mounting bolts was slightly loose. Checking the 4 screws which hold the float bowl to the body of the carb I found one of these was also loose. These faults could lead to air leaks and thus make the engine hard to start or run unevenly. I tightened up the offending bolt and screw and gave the engine a test. She burst into life on the third pull and idled reasonably well. Here is a clip of her running (sorry about the wrong title)-

To be perfectly honest the slack bolt and screw may (or may not) be the cause of the problems with starting. Certainly they both should have been tight, so I have not done anything wrong by applying the spanner and driver to them. The fuel leak was not obvious to me so I can only presume the bolt and screw had slackened off in use and the petrol was trickling out at those places. Only another trial on the water will confirm if I have solved the problem. I had better head out fishing tomorrow I guess (sigh).

Now to other matters: I was in Ballina today and the river Moy was very busy with anglers on all beats. There were salmon and grilse showing in good numbers in the Ridge Pool.


The ridge pool being diligently covered by anglers today

Fishing in Ireland

Holiday weekend (3), starting the old engine

My old Evinrude 4HP outboard has been in the shed for a couple of years without being used so I decided it was high time that I showed it a little TLC. After a general clean up and emptying out the fuel tank I filled her with fresh petrol and oil mixture (1:100 on these old engines). Lots and lots of pulling on the cord /sweating / cursing failed to start her, so I stripped down the carb and gave it a good clean out. It didn’t look too bad but there was some dirt in the bowl so it is highly likely that the jets were blocked. Once they were blown through I put it all back together again. Here is link to the video of the next attempt to start her up:

These old Evinrudes are great little engines. OK so they are heavy on fuel and a bit noisy but they are strong little workhorses with a lot of power for their small size. The greatest benefit they have is their lightness. In these days of enormously heavy 4 strokes this little beauty is a real delight.

Not bad for an engine that was manufactured in 1980!

The rain has finally stopped today so hopefully the rivers will drop back a little by next weekend and I can get out for a day’s fishing.

Update! It’s Sunday 26th and no fishing for me this weekend due to family commitments.