A quick tie

We all have boxes full to capacity with variations of the Green Peter, so why would you need any more? The truth is this variation is a really good one. I mean a REALLY good. I use it mainly on Mask but in smaller sizes it works on Conn and Cullin too. Very easy and quick to tie, this is one you should make up before the mayfly starts to come off the water and we all go a bit mad.

Tying silk is black and the rib is finest oval gold tinsel. Make the body from roughly dubbed medium green seal’s fur with a few fibres of yellow and green olive. Palmer the body with a good quality red game cock hackle. Now add a wing of brown squirrel hair tied over the back of the hook. The head hackle is the secret! Use a feather from the chest of a melanistic cock pheasant. These used to be hard to find unless you were a shooter or knew someone who shot a lot of pheasants, but these days you can buy them easily enough. The feathers are heavily barred deep chestnut coloured and wind beautifully when doubled.

Fished on the top dropper in a big wave, this one pulls trout even when there is not much of a hatch. It will take a salmon too on Carrowmore lake. Size 10 is my normal choice of hook size but you can go bigger or smaller.

2 thoughts on “A quick tie

    1. You should give it a go Benjamin, it adds a whole new dimension to your sport. These days you can buy good quality tools and materials for very little money and advice from books and the internet is in abundance.

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