Green Bumble

I am busy filling up the fly boxes again and found no trace of an old pattern I used to love fishing, my Green Bumble. Very simple and yet surprisingly effective, I sat down and made a few so here is the pattern for you:

Hook: normally a size 10 or 12 wet fly hook. I like the old Kamasan B175 but use whatever you fancy

Tying silk: black, 8/0

Tag: lime green globrite floss

Tail: a few strands of Golden Pheasant tippets

Rib: fine oval gold tinsel

Body: I use green mohair but seal’s fur dyed green is just as good

Body hackle: a cock hackle dyed green and palmered down the body

head hackle: a guinea fowl body feather dyed green

Tripped through the wave tops during the mayfly this can often catch you a good fish. It used to be really good on Carra where I would often tie on a larger size 8 on a day of a big rolling wave.


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