All over

This morning we went and retrieved my boat from the lake, the last act of a forgettable season Early rain and high winds had subsided by the time we rolled up to the shore and we were greeted by a lone otter playing in the shallows. A nice start to the day.


I baled out the water inside her and took stock of the minor damage which has happened over the season. A cracked knee on one of the boards and some repairs needed to the timber on the bow but nothing too major. Everything else is in good order and it wont take much to ready her for the 2020 season.

peaceful scene at the slipway below the graveyard.

Water levels are up again so it was an easy task to manoeuvre the boat into position and winch her up on to the trailer. There is always a tinge of sadness when the boat comes off the lake for the last time, an underlining of the fact the fishing is over now for another year.


Once safely on the trailer we busied ourselves with the belly band and lights. We are so used to this job there is little said as we each carry out our allotted tasks. Tyres are lobbed into the boat the heavy weight hoisted into the jeep, we leave nothing behind us. Then off down the narrow boreen, hoping we don’t meet anyone coming the other direction a reversing this lot is a pain.

Back in the yard we reverse the whole procedure and pull the boat off the trailer. Handling my boat is tough work, she is very heavy for her size which makes for tired muscles after even an hour of pulling and dragging at here like this morning. That weight, while a drag on dry land is a godsend on the water where she drifts straight and true in a wind.

Safely in the yard now, her home through the frosts and snows of winter until next March when we do it all again

Ans so we bid farewell to the rivers and loughs for 2019, a poor season for me personally but at least there were days when I was out on the water even if the fish were scarce. maybe 2020 will be better.


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