Prospects for Beltra

The angling season on Lough Beltra opens on 20th March as always, so what are the chances of an early springer? So with only 3 days to go I thought I’d give you an update on the conditions here. With no counter on the Newport river there is no sure way of knowing but I am pretty confident a few salmon will be in Beltra now. I say this as the last few days have brought high winds and heavy rain to Mayo, pushing up water levels across the catchment. For me this is the vital piece of the jigsaw and the fish generally find their way up the river as long as there is a decent flow. There are no temperature barriers, and the main physical challenge (the weir above Newport) seems to be easily negotiated in a spate by the fish.

clouds over Nephin

It has rained each day and often for lengthy periods for over a week now so I will be very surprised if I hear no fish are boated on the opening day. Sadly, I won’t be able to fish as I am away on business this coming week but I know many who are itching to get out and flex the big 12 footers in search of a shining spring fish.

preparing a Co-op boat for a day on Beltra

If you are lucky enough to have some fishing booked on the lough remember to stick to fairly big flies with size 4-6 usually about right for this time of year. Fish a sinking line and hug the shoreline.


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