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Single hooks?

Any of you tried single hooks on your salmon baits? I have not (yet) but plan to give them a go this coming season so that returning fish is going to be easier

Here is an ABU Killer which I have changed the hooks on. To me it looks a bit odd but that will just be due to the newness of seeing a bait I have spent a lifetime altered like this.

I am not going to do all the baits in my box, just a handful of them and see how that works out in terms of hooking and holding fish as well as ease of release.


4 thoughts on “Single hooks?

  1. I run single hooks on all of my salmon and steelhead lures now, and have been for a couple of years.The ease of release is much, much better with single hooks,not to mention cutting down on the damage to a fish that multiple trebles can cause. I know some guys that say hook up rate decreases, but I personally haven’t experienced it. my hook up rate is just as good with single hooks as it was with trebles. One thing that I did notice was that on some lures a single hook will affect the action, but it’s nothing that a little fine tuning won’t fix.


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