Level land

I’m healing. Slowly and painfully, but I am recovering. My balance is poor and I stumble like a ten o’clock drunk sometimes, fearful of falling. Mornings are the worst. It is so hard to keep level until the meds kick in and my internal gyroscopes eventually begin to operate fitfully. My days are punctuated by […]

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Some pics

Holiday snaps for you guys: We are travelling around central Europe for a couple of weeks, starting off in Budapest and ending up in Berlin. Highlight for us was the outdoor spa. Found some nice places to eat eventually but being vegetarians is a challenge in a city which loves meat so much! Then it […]

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2018 turned out to be an abomination of a fishing season for me and it looks like it has already ended prematurely. I had heard of vertigo but just presumed it was simply feeling a bit dizzy and it passed after sitting down for a short while. Then, out of nowhere a couple of weeks […]

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