A wee wiggly thing from Sligo

We were in Sligo at the weekend and I purchased a couple of lures. One of them is a straight forward gold and silver spoon with a hammered finish on the gold side. It should work for salmon I guess. Called a ‘Mozzi’ and made up in Omagh.

Gold on the outside and silver on the reverse.

The other one is unlike anything I have seen before. It is long and thin, made from copper and has a silver finish on the reverse side. The interesting thing is the ‘wiggle’ on it. Don’t ask me what it is intended to catch, I have no idea. Maybe spinning in the sea for sea trout?

Dear enough for a scrap of copper and a treble hook, but hey, who could resist one of these?

The Garavogue tumbles through the town centre, looking decidedly ‘fishy’. Salmon run the river to get into Lough Gill but I don’t know if it is any good for fishing. A few lake boats were moored up on the river but none of them looked as if they had been used for months.

looking upstream

Looking down-river from the footbridge

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