A day for sunbathing

Tried Lough Conn today but the conditions were hopeless. Flat calm and brilliant sunshine are the nadir to all Irish fishers and that was exactly what the weather Gods provided for us today. No signs of fly life beyond a solitary olive. No mayfly at all to be seen. A few very small trout rose in Pike bay and again off Massbrook but of the salmon there was no sign. Here are a few pics:

looking out across Conn from Pike Bay
A fellow fisher coming in after a fruitless session
Blue skies

With such terrible conditions we were forced to troll to have any chance of contacting a salmon. The sun burned and the wind remained resolutely meagre. Castlehill and Massbrook received our fondest attentions but to no avail.

Trolling rod out

An ancient Toby which got a swim today
A bit of dressing on the treble to give it some extra ‘bling’

We tried Toby spoons, Rapalas (9 and 5cm) and some other spoons from the bottom of the box but other than one suicidal 10 inch brownie we touched nothing all day.

The bottom
The bottom clearly seen in about 6 feet of water
A well earned mug of Cinnamon tea

With no fly life, very low water and settled weather forecast for the rest of this week I will hang up my waders until the rains come.


2 thoughts on “A day for sunbathing

  1. Just fished Conn last Sat & sun did nt hit a fish in the 2 days fished out of Poula whoka don’t no if that’s the right spelling all the fish we r caught in clog Hans and a few in bog bay on both days what a ardious 2 days then 2 top it all off rogue wave hit the boat in gallahers bay about 5feet high don’t no how we did nt capsize took on plenty of water live 2 tel the tale thank god


    1. It has been a very disappointing season so far on Conn Donal. There is a lack of fly life which is a big worry. Lough mask is fishing well I hear and Corrib is seeing some action but Conn and Cullin have yet to get going. Settled, dry weather forecast for this week so it will be a while before it picks up. Glad to hear yo survived that freak wave – i wonder what caused that?


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