Some flies for Lough fishing

I spent a few minutes at the vice this evening to tie some size 8’s for lough fishing. Not that was any great need to tie even more flies, I just wanted to enjoy making some old favourites. I know that I cart around an ridiculous amount of patterns but it is simply the price us fly tyers pay for enjoying both the fishing and the making of the lures. Most of them will sadly never even be tied on to the line, let alone catch a fish, but the sheer enjoyment of sitting at the bench and creating a fly from a bare hook and some feathers is just too much to ignore.

Tonight I kicked off with some Connemara Blacks tied for salmon. What’s the difference? Well, I like to add a bit of colour under the tail so I make a tag from two turns of Opal tinsel and then wind on some Glo.brite no. 5 floss. I rib the black body with flat silver tinsel to give it some extra flash too. I also make an underwing from a bunch of GP tippet fibres. This adds strength and a bit more colour when the fly is wet.

Connemara Black

Next up was a few of my own version of the Raymond. With this one I add a small tag of Glo-brite no.4 but keep the usual body of golden olive fur and double body hackles of red and golden olive. The normal wing of paired hen pheasant secondarys are followed by a long fibred guinea fowl hackle.


I made up some small Green Peters too. Much more delicately dressed, these were busked on a size 12 hook. I can’t say there is too much different about this fly except that it is very lightly dressed by Irish standards. 3 or 4 turns of body hackle are all that is required.

A lightly dressed Green Peter

Finally, I wanted some heavy Green Peters for the tail of the cast when lough fishing for salmon so I made this next pattern up on those lovely Loop heavyweight doubles. I used a size 10 and made the wing from the ‘bad’ side of a bucktail dyed green.

Heavy Green Peter

So that was it for the evening, more flies to confuse me and the fish!



5 thoughts on “Some flies for Lough fishing

  1. Hi Colin looking for some info about Maamtrasna bay lough mask, check it via google map and it look very well from shore fishing. Not much info on google about it but it look very cracking spot for fishing. Also does mask have a early caenis hatching in early june. I use to be very early fisherman so looking for on which bay mask corrib i may see a caenis hatch early morrning 5:00-8;00 Am.


  2. Maamtrasna holds a good head of trout. I have only ever fished it from a boat but the fish can be found close to the shore so you should be covering fish if you fish quietly from the shore.

    I have only limited experience of caenis but I do know that you need to be on the water as the sun rises. Salthouse bay on Corrib has good hatches and Ballichalla Bay on the Mask.


    1. Is the Ballichalla bay located above the Cahir bay ???. Saw the map of Lough Mask and there is no Ballinchala bay on this map. Did some research and it looks like it might be located above Cahir bay. Also as far i remember passed few times the bride with Owenbreen river (i guess) it flows to mask for sure. Any craic on this river?? Look very spatey and almost dry in summer months.



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