A couple of old spiders for this time of year


OK so there is nothing even remotely new about these two patterns but they are so effective that I think there is no harm in reminding you about them both.

Let’s start with the Poult Bloa. Yellow tying silk with the faintest mist of water rat or mole’s fur dubbed on it form the body and the hackle is a turn or two of the shiny under covert feather of a waterhen. That’s it, the only hard part of making this fly is making sure you don’t put too much fur on the silk or take too many turns of the hackle feather. Light and slim are the order of the day with all spiders. This is a really excellent pattern when the Large Dark Olives are hatching so please make some up and have them in you box.


Next up is the Plover and Hare’s Ear which has been particularly good already this season for me. Yellow silk again (Pearsill’s for preference) this time dubbed with fur from a Hare’s ear and then ribbed with fine oval gold tinsel for the body. the hackle comes from the outside of a Golden plovers wing, a lovely gold spangled feather with a natural curve in it. Only one turn or one and a half at the most. I think this fly is taken as hatching stonefly but it is a general copy of a wide range of insects.

Give both of these flys a try over the next few weeks.


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