The Red Invicta


I was tying some lough flies yesterday evening and made up a few Red Invicta Bumbles. This fly is a hybrid of other patterns but the end result is a nice approximation of a hatching red midge. Fished on the top or middle dropper positions of a cast it can pull trout like magic on a breezy day. I like it dressed on a size 10 hook but you can vary the size up or down to match conditions.

The trend towards mixing different parts of flies to create new ones has gathered pace recently and ‘muddled-ice-snatcher-bumble-emerger’ type things are all the rage. How much of this is driven by the need to address actual angling situations or by the fly tying industry’s introduction of new synthetics is a moot point. Some creations look awful, totally lacking balance and form and just relying on ever brighter colours or increased mobile tinsels. I guess I am a bit old fashioned and like to base my flies on fur and feather, anyway, back to this Invicta.

Tag: Globrite floss, no.4

Tail: a Golden Pheasant crest feather

Rib: fine oval silver tinsel

Body: red seal’s fur

Body Hackle: Red Game

Wing: Hen Pheasant tail or secondary’s, which ever you prefer

Head hackle: Jay or Guinea Fowl dyed blue

That’s all there is to it, a very easy fly to tie. I would expect to use this one any time after the Mayfly and it can be good as the light starts to fade.

Happy tying.


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