Later the same day……………….

So I have been punching buttons like a lunatic for an hour or more, swapping different backgrounds and trying out the various tools available and I think I am getting the hang of it now. I now need to figure out exactly what I am going to post on this blog! I don’t fish nearly as much as I used to and even when I do venture out with rod and line the trips are pretty short. The days of long, hard hours on the river or lake are behind me now and I get more pleasure from an gentle hour or two than exhausting myself in some sort of piscatorial marathon. That means this blog is liable to be a record of a few short fishing days, hopefully showing some of the delights of the angling here in the West of Ireland. I will also try to pepper the posts up with some photos of the days events.

I get a bit bored with blogs which reel off endless fishing days so I will try to make this one a bit wider ranging. The west of Ireland is beautiful and interesting so I’ll post some bits to give you a flavour of what life here is really like.

It’s the 11th of March 2015 today. The weather so far this month has been all over the place, heavy snow and frost last week has been replaced by strong winds and showers with some sunny periods. Just about what to expect here in March. Temperatures have risen this week so there is every chance that the brown trout in my local streams are going to be inclined to take a well sunk nymph and I’m planning on trying my luck before this week is out. Tonight I will go over my tackle and get it into shape.

wet flys


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