Salmon farming

Farmed salmon is disgusting and potentially dangerous to eat at the best of times but now the H&S rules are being relaxed even further during the covid-19 crisis. DON’T BUY FARMED SALMON!

Scottish authorities agree to regulatory flexibility for industry during coronavirus

A stag dies due to plastic waste from fish farms.

Sea trout, covered in lice from a salmon farm

Sea trout, covered in lice from a salmon farm

In my opinion, salmon farming is an industry which is out of control and, aided by governments, is damaging our marine environments to a point which the extinction of species is a very real possibility. This page just shows what is happening around our coasts in an attempt to get people thinking about the filthy, dangerous business of salmon farming.

Here in Ireland, the salmon farmers are untouchable. The Irish government do not care about wild fish stocks, they never have nor do I believe they ever will. Votes are the only criteria for any Irish politician and the small body of people who care about the marine environment don’t pack a big enough political punch. I understand it is a similar situation in Scotland where the government is int he pocket of big business when it comes to salmon farming.

The problem is that the small number of people who recognise the unlimited harm caused by salmon farming are unheard amid the marketing crap which the big salmon companies disseminate. When the consumer sees farmed salmon on the supermarket shelf, neatly packaged and boasting how good it is for your health, they do not see the gross pollution, the suffering and the dead eco-systems around our coasts. They don’t see the seals which are shot through the head. They don’t see the mis-shaped fish that can’t swim properly or the huge doses of chemicals used in a vain attempt to clean the fish of lice.

Covered in open sores, normal for a farmed salmon


Seals are commonly killed by salmon farmers who see them as threats to their cages.