Hi everyone. There has been a lot going on recently and some major changes are afoot in my life, not all of which are crystal clear just yet. Anyway, I am taking the opportunity to do some housekeeping on this site and wanted to give you a heads-up.

WordPress is easy to use and while it has some limitations (distortion of photographs being my main gripe) it also provides good insights into viewing statistics. From those stats I can see what is popular and what is not. As a result I have decided to take down the page titled ‘Flies’. Before you all grab your pitchforks and march to storm the house here in Castlebar let me explain.

I have a limited amount of space for media and the photos of the flies are taking up a big percentage of that valuable space. That would be fine if there were lots of people looking at that page but there are not. I also have doubts about the value the photos actually have to you guys. They are just images without much context or details of the pattern and I know from all the various emails and conversations with some of you that it is the nitty-gritty of the patterns you are really interested in.

I will leave the page up for another couple of weeks to you the opportunity to take a look or copy any of the photos for yourself. As I take each photo down I will post it on my Instagram account so you can find them there in future


6 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I mainly read your blog posts and had never looked around enough to even see your Flies page until today. There are some really nice pics of flies that I’ve never heard of before over here across the pond. Have you tried compressing them? Lower resolution photos look nearly as good on mobile devices and many reduce the size by 10:1 or more.


  2. I have seen the flies page many times, usually when googling a fly by name and your domain, which I do a lot. But often there is a second page somewhere on your blog with more details on the fly, and those are golden. So if removing the flies page gives you more room to post flies and their details, two thumbs up from me.


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