River Suck permits abolished

River Suck permits are to be abolished

In the challenging times we are living in it it nice to pass on some good news to fellow anglers. The permit system which had been in place for the river Suck and it’s tributaries has been abolished. This is a positive step as the €45 cost of the permit was a deterrent to anglers from fishing in the area. I understand there is also works planned to improve access to various parts of the system to further enhance the angling opportunities. Here is what Roscommon County Councillor, Anthony Waldron had to say:


The Suck is a major tributary of the Shannon and a much under-rated fishery. Access to date has been very limited unless you had access to a boat. The river, which is about 100 miles long, is largely wide, deep and slow moving making in just about perfect for coarse fish. Pike are very common and grow to over thirty pounds.

I will be down that way next season to try my luck on a couple of the lakes and will report back on them on this blog.

2 thoughts on “River Suck permits abolished

  1. Academic to me, but good to see – if the E45 is a deterrent to tourists it is self defeating. We have a similar situation with our two nearest towns, New Milton and Christchurch. Both have high streets that are going to rack and ruin and both have car parks that charge two quid. Obviously car parking is only one of the high street problems, but charging to park surely doesn’t help.



    1. The situation as I heard it was that very few of the permits were being sold. Any visitors would find the €45 pretty onerous if they just wanted a few hours fishing and the locals only bought them so they could access the trout lakes in the area. I know that I personally have considered buying a permit for a couple of years but decided that I could not justify it. The best part of this is there seems to be a real push to develop angling and other water based sports in that area which to date is very much a forgotten part of the country. I am interested in the small loughs but the river Suck itself is apparently stuffed with roach, perch and pike. I’ll definitely be down there next summer to give it a try.


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