2018 turned out to be an abomination of a fishing season for me and it looks like it has already ended prematurely. I had heard of vertigo but just presumed it was simply feeling a bit dizzy and it passed after sitting down for a short while. Then, out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago I suffered an attack of vertigo while at work. I will spare you all the sordid details but suffice to say it was violent and necessitated a trip in an ambulance and 4 days in a hospital bed. I am on the mend now but still have trouble with my balance. Walking is a challenge and I stagger as if drunk, leading to some disgusted looks from passers by! The long term prognosis is good but it will take time for me to make a full recovery. In the meantime, the salmon season is slipping away.

We are on holiday now, touring around Central Europe. It is challenging for me but only by pushing myself every day will I get better. Helen is worried and frustrated by my current condition but we are muddling through as best we can. I will add some photos to this post over the next few days so you can see what we are up too.

If I keep making the same slow progress I hope to do some gentle pier fishing next month. Then it is going to be back to the vice for some fly tying. I have a load of new patterns to make and am looking forward to stocking up for next year.

Lying in a hospital bed waiting for the results of your MRI scan is not a fun place to be folks. It really made me focus on what is important in this like. Look after yourselves out there!

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