Pink squid anyone?

OK, so this is a bit ‘left field’ but I saw this big pink coloured artificial squid advertised and I thought it might work for pike. I know what you are thinking – Pike live in fresh water and have never seen a squid, pink or any other colour for that matter. But I will give it a try and see if the toothy green lads respond to it.

As it arrived, with small silver trebles

I bought it for a fiver from a bloke in Oldham on ebay.  When it arrived I decided the hooks were wrong so I changed them. They looked too small for the size of the lure to me. There is a second treble lurking in amongst those tentacles.

That’s better! A pair of size 2 bronze trebles added


2 thoughts on “Pink squid anyone?

  1. Given the way pike go out of their way to hit my swimfeeders, I’d imagine anything’s worth a shot.

    In all seriousness though, always comes more down to action than appearance in my experience, so if the movement is there I bet it’ll score!


  2. I liked the look of those tentacles – I am hoping they will produce a lot of movement, more than the normal swimbaits and spoons. I will give it a try anyway once the weather returns to something approaching normality!


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