The trout season has started on some waters (15th February on the Corrib for example) but there was no fishing for me today. Instead, we had a walk around the woods in Cong. It was a chance for us both to unwind and for me to begin the long road back to full fitness after letting my dodgy ankles go from bad to worse over the course of the winter. Living way from home in hotels all week sounds like it should be great craik but in practice it is hard to eat and exercise properly. My joints have swollen badly and are now painful when I am on my feet for any length of time. This week coming is the last week of my contract, so I am looking forward to improving my well-being this spring. Today Helen and I set off round the pathways close to Ashford castle. Here are a few photos we took.

We set off from the village of Cong and headed across the river then though the woods. The cold but dry weather actually improved over the course of the afternoon and the sun came out to add to the joys of being out in the fresh air again.

The river is high after recent rain

Blue skies over a patch of cleared forest

We had brought a flask with us, intending on finding a quiet spot to rest for a while and enjoy the scenery. We were not disappointed and we stumbled on a wee hut on the shores of Lough Corrib.

The Corrib stretched out to the horizon
A great spot for a brew

After we had refreshed ourselves we sauntered off in the direction of the hotel. A group of four young people were standing on the path in front of us looking up into a tree. It took me a while to figure out what they were up to – they were falconers and a pair of Harris Hawks were up in the branches.

The falconers in the distance

I tried to get a shot of these beautiful birds but without a good lens my best effort was still pretty poor.

the best I could do!

Lots of people shared our idea of enjoying the nice day and the gardens around the hotel were very busy. If you are around the South Mayo / North Galway area you can do a lot worse than spend a few hours walking around Cong.


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